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At Plantation Acupuncture, quality professional healthcare is our top priority.
See what our patients have experienced with us!


Health & Wellness

"I have suffered from lower back injuries for the past 14 years. During this time period I have had 2 major back surgeries. I currently have another herniated disc in my lower back. I have been to multiple pain doctors. They have given me medications from vicodin to an array of muscle relaxers. I have had epidurals and all sorts of assorted treatments for the pain. A few months ago, I was told about Mike. Prior to him, I had never been to the acupuncture, and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about it. I am not a fan of needles and the thought of having multiple needles inside me made me uncomfortable. During my first session, Mike took the time to explain the whole process with me. He guaranteed me there would be no pain from the needles and at many times I might even feel them at all. I have to say he was right, I didn't feel the majority of them. During the process of the first session, he went over in detail exactly what he was doing and why. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I left there that day and the pain in my back significantly decreased. I have returned for multiple treatments and my back pain is nearly gone. I no longer take any medications for my back and I feel like I can live my life normally without having the burden of constant back pain. I am very grateful towards Mike and I would recommend him to everyone and anyone who will listen to me giving him praise."

-B.R., Wilton Manors, FL


"I was lucky to find an amazing Acupuncturist so conveniently located. I've suffered with low back pain due to a birth defect that wasn't diagnosed until I was 19 years old. After just 2 treatments I started feeling relief and stopped taking pain meds. After getting that under control, Mike helped me through a difficult period of the blues. After just one incredible emotional treatment, I realized I had not been grieving for those people that had passed in my life. Such a Huge burden lifted off my shoulders. :)

These are just a couple of the reasons I visit Plantation Acupuncture. What an amazing, relaxing, zen type setting and an incredible, thoughtful, and sincere Acupuncturist! Give them a try, I promise you won't be disappointed!!!"

-J.N., Plantation, FL


"After years of back and hip pain and countless visits to doctors, I finally have found treatment that has worked to give me relief from pain and increased my mobility. Regular maintenance visits have allowed me to continue to enjoy a renewed active lifestyle. Michael Fiorani's highly intuitive approach to acupuncture is amazing. His practice has such a tranquil atmosphere you leave incredibly soothed and relaxed! Don't hesitate for a moment to make an appointment and experience his healing touch. Thanks Mike!!"

-N.R., Plantation, FL


"Michael Fiorani is a gifted practitioner and health care provider at Plantation Acupuncture. Michael has an enormous amount of knowledge in the acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine field. He has always strived to ensure good communication during treatments in terms of both conveying and understanding the physical aspects of the treatment. Michael is a pleasant and caring individual. He has a strong passion for his work has always impressed me with his strong desire to help and assist his clients in reaching their health goals."

-G.P., Toronto, CA


"After my treatment with Michael, I know I just had to get up and let people know what a professional and amazing acupuncturist he really is. He cares about his patients, he knows what he's doing and most of all you can't feel a thing when you're getting the treatment! He really has a knowledge and passion about his practice that the average acupuncture does not have. Incredibly friendly atmosphere. I developed a skin condition on my hands and when I came for a couple treatments with Michael, it has never come back since! Truly, a happy and impressed patient."

-E.F., Pompano Beach, FL


"I went to mike with shoulder pain. I was skeptical at first about how needles were going to help with the pain in my shoulder. I cannot tell anyone how surprised I was to have so much relief after just one visit!!! I even called him that night to tell him my pain had gone from an 8 to a 4 on a 10 point scale. Mike can attest to the fact that I had to have a towel under my elbows to keep them propped up so I wasn't in pain while getting treated and after just 2 treatments I no longer had to use them to prop up my arms. I can't say enough good things about how mike handles the whole process from making you feel so comfortable from the time you walk in the door until you leave. I know some people are afraid of needles, don't be he was talking to me and had put most of them in before I even knew he had done it!!! That's how good he is!!"

-R.S., Plantation, FL


"I had been suffering from a lower abdominal pain for some time before coming here. Every medication or treatment doctors prescribed for me ended up being completely useless. Eventually a friend convinced me to come to Plantation Acupuncture and I couldn't thank her enough. The acupuncture was quick and actually relaxing. Not one bit of pain was felt from the procedure. Within 2 treatments and herbal medication the pain was completely gone and I haven't had any pain since. Michael was incredibly knowledgable when explaining the procedure and came off as a true professional. I highly recommend this acupuncturist."

-A.F., Parkland, FL


"I lost over 90 lbs with Michael's help. Until him I tried every diet and plan from Atkins to Weight Watchers. I am forever grateful."

-J.H., Lake Worth, FL


"As an elderly lady, my sciatica and back pain kept getting worse and worse, no matter what medical therapy I tried. I was finally able to experience relief after acupuncture, and can walk normally again. I highly recommend Michael to anyone needing pain or healthcare."

-I.P., Parkland, FL


"It's incredible what Michael had been able to do for me. I suffered from fatigue, stress, depression, terrible neck tension and shoulder pain. No other medical treatments were able to do what he has done for me. Thank you."

-M.F., Parkland, FL


"Michael made me feel incredibly comfortable throughout the treatment and took the time during our first consultation to lsitent to all my presenting symptoms and background of prior injuries. Afters years of having pain in my left knee from 2 surgeries, Michael was able to dminish the pain after a couple sessions! I have referred several co-workers to him in addition and one in particular reported her neck pain was gone after only 2 visits! Why would I ever go to anyone else! Thank you Michael for helping me!"

-L.D., Boca Raton, FL

Fertility & Babies

“I want to express my new appreciation for acupuncture. Before I went to see Mike we had been trying to become pregnant for over 2.5 years. I was very frustrated and had almost given up hope. Mike explained to me how acupuncture would help, but that I had to give it at least three months to see results. At every appointment I still would ask if this would help me and if this would work and Mike assured me that it has worked on many so he was hopeful. My husband and I had treatments every other week and just before three months I became pregnant with my little girl! When my baby was 1 year old I went back and for more treatments, and I became pregnant with my little boy within one month!!! I want to thank Mike for keeping me calm and for always being honest. Give it time and be hopeful. Here are two pictures of my little angels.”

–M.A., Aventura, FL

“After a failed IVF, I started seeing Michael for weekly acupuncture treatments. Two months later, I had more eggs, better quality eggs, which resulted in more fertilized eggs, and ultimately a successful IVF on my next try… and now I’m pregnant! Thank you!”

-Y.V., Miami, FL

“When my daughter turned 18 months my husband and I decided to try for a second baby. For us that meant going back to the fertility doctor. However, after 7 rounds of treatment we were still not pregnant. It had become the hardest time in our lives seeing a negative pregnancy test month after month.


That's when we decided to add something to the treatment plan: acupuncture. When I reached out to a friend who is a chiropractor for a referral she told me there is only one option: Dr. Michael Fiorani!


I was a little apprehensive at first, never having acupuncture before. After meeting Michael I was immediately at ease. He is the sweetest most genuine person. He is clearly trained, educated, and an advanced practitioner in the field relating to fertility treatments.


For an anxious person who is not great at relaxing it turned out that I loved acupuncture. I looked forward to it weekly! And in just 2 months, we got that positive pregnancy test!!!  I continued to see Michael for 12 weeks to help reduce the risk of loss (as I has suffered from a miscarriage previously).


On October 30th, 2014 Lincoln was born healthy and happy. I will forever be grateful to Michael, and I truly believe that my miracle is here thanks in part to him.”

–L.D., Plantation, FL

“Two weeks ago I had my daughter. Thank you so much for everything Michael! My husband and I are forever grateful!" 

–D.H., Plantation, FL

"My husband and I came to Michael after several failed IUI procedures. Hy husband had low sperm count and motility, and I had unexplained infertility with thin uterine wall lining and an ovarian cyst. After a few months of treatment, my husband's motility and count increased, my cyst was gone, my lining increased, and now I'm pregnant! Thank you so much!"

-J.A., Aventura, FL

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